The last thing you need when trying to run a busy household, bring up small children and hold down a job is to come home and find your sink overflowing, the drain blocked or the toilet not flushing properly. While these things can be speedily rectified by a professional plumbing service, more often than not, the problem that caused the issue is your inquisitive toddler or young child who has managed to put a spanner in the works.

Blockages in the toilet

The most common items found to be blocking the family toilet are children’s toys or objects. Plumbers are often called out to deal with overflowing toilets, and when inspecting the cause of the problem, regularly fish out plastic toys or pens and pencils that have become stuck in the U bend. As a result of objects like these, any other solid matter flushed down the toilet that cannot get past this blockage will cause clogs.

A simple solution to this problem, is to fit toilet seat locks so that your child cannot raise the lid unless you are there to help them. Parents cannot be everywhere to monitor what their child is doing at all times, so why not buy these locks from any number of plumbing outlets or DIY stores.

Clogged drains

Another issue that will have you reaching for your local plumber’s telephone number is blocked drains. Internal drains leading from sinks are usually too high for a toddler to reach, but if they are able to access any sinks, then make sure you put a sink drainage plug in place to stop them from putting anything down the holes. For outside drains, again, young children will happily empty the contents of their sandpit or a garden bed down a drainage hole, causing blockages. Fitting drain covers or screens will prevent any unwanted items from being thrown in, thus keeping your drains clear and running freely.

Leaking taps

Water holds a fascination for small children, and playing with the taps in the bath or sink will keep them occupied for some time. However, if they are pulling or twisting the taps too much, then splits could occur and you could end up with dripping taps. Make sure they cannot get into the bathroom unsupervised by using a stair gate or lock to keep certain areas of the house out of bounds.

 Young children often unwittingly cause plumbing problems in the home. But by following these simple steps, you just might be able to keep plumbing disasters at bay, or at the very least, to a minimum.

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