It is only natural that when it comes to home maintenance, many people want to try the DIY or do-it-yourself route to avoid getting the professionals in, thus saving money and time. However, as far as plumbing tasks are concerned, there are several common mistakes that homeowners in Adelaide and beyond make, which often result in plumbers having to be called in to fix the problem. So to ensure that you don’t end up having to ring the local plumber for something that could have been avoided in the first place, here are some of the top mistakes made by non-professionals.

Over tightening plumbing attachments

However annoying the drip, drip, drip of the tap in the bathroom or kitchen area is, no amount of turning it tighter and tighter is going to stop the water from coming out. Pushing or pulling on tap handles will only cause them to break, and then you will have a real problem on your hands as the water cascades out. Over tightening plumbing attachments and appliances break or “strip” the threads that help screw the parts together, rendering the equipment useless. So don’t make the job worse if you cannot fix it, call in a plumber to do the work properly for you.

Using shower and bath fixtures as shelving units

Tempting though it might be to buy a hanging shower rack to save some space and keep all the shower and bath products off the floor and out of the way, this can be a disaster waiting to happen. Plumbers in Adelaide have been called out to stop water gushing out of the showerhead because it had been broken off due to the weight of toiletries and beauty products hanging from the shower unit. The showerhead will snap off at the threads so it is not a simple repair job. If you are going to fix shelving or hooks, then make sure you take proper advice and don’t hang anything from your bath and sink taps or showerhead.

Treating the sink and waste disposal unit like a garbage chute

Waste disposal units will not accept all forms of garbage, and if you keep on ignoring this, then sooner or later you will need to give your local Adelaide plumbers a call because the blades will have stopped working. Plumbers have been called out to remove pumpkin and watermelon rinds that have blocked up the waste disposal chute, for example, and the motor can also burn out trying to turn stuck grinding blades, which can be expensive to replace. Take note of the manufacturer’s instructions if you have a waste disposal unit, and use it correctly.

The same is true of the kitchen or laundry room sink, where it can be tempting to simply wash up and flush away all the construction materials down the pipes after completing your DIY job. Paint, grouting material and joint compound used for repairing walls get poured into household sinks, and while the liquid part may go through, the solids will harden and blockages could occur. If fixatives are blocking the sink pipes then no amount of draining rods or chemical cleaners will remove them, and it could involve pipe replacement, which is not going to be a cheap option.

Flushing the wrong objects down the toilet

Overflowing toilet bowls are not a pretty sight, and neither is the flowing water that can cause damage to the rooms below in the house. Plumbers often dine out on the stories of what they have found when it comes to unblocking these pipes, but the usual culprits are toys and household items. If you live with small children, then invest in seat locks until they reach the age where trying to flush the plastic dinosaur or front door keys down the toilet is not a fun game anymore!

Bear in mind these common mistakes, and you will not be on first name terms with your Adelaide plumber due to regular emergency call-outs, leaving you free to use their expertise to help build and maintain your plumbing system in a more practical way.

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